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We guarantee your data will be safe with us. Your Mac will be wiped using a military grade data sanitisation process.


Save your Mac going to landfill, and get paid at the same time!


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Once your Mac arrives at our workshop, you are guaranteed payment in under 24 hours! We pay by bank transfer, so no hidden fees.

Sell my Mac

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Sell My Mac

Mac Recycle has been helping you Sell my Mac since 2012. We offer guaranteed prices and fast turnaround. Additionally, we also care about our sustainability goals. One day we have a dream where no Mac needs to go to landfill.

What do we do with components?

Ideally, all the components will be broken down and recycled in an environmentally sustainable manner. Then they can be used to create and fix more Macs in the future.

What do we do?

At Mac Recycle what we do is very simple. We take your old and unwanted Macs for cash and save them for landfill.

Here at Mac Recycle, our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment. We also want to stop global warming. For example, by reducing e-waste. Also, recycling used Apple computers that might have otherwise gone to landfill. Additionally, we refurbish or use parts from all the Macs that we buy from our customers. Therefore, this reduces the need for factories to produce more computers. This is another benefit.

Where should I sell my MacBook Pro?

MacRecycle is the ideal place to Sell Your MacBook Pro. Also, don’t forget we also take in desktops. Therefore, you can also Sell Your iMac too!

Help the environment. Sell my Mac.

No matter the condition of your Mac, we will find a use for all the parts to save them from landfill.