About Me


My name is Callum Everest. I studied Filmmaking and Television at the University of York at both Masters and Undergraduate levels. I love films and television. Simple as that.

I love watching behind-the-scenes videos such as seeing how they used Unreal Engine for background environments in The Mandalorian. I find filming technology and its implementations so interesting.

I have a passion in Video Editing and have nearly 7 years experience in it, working on short films and getting work experience at the Channel 4 Studios in Leeds.

I love music of all genres and try to listen to new things whenever I can. I also adore reading non-fiction. I find books about History and people extremely fascinating. My favourite book at the moment is “Elon Musk’ by Walter Isaacson. I believe History is the greatest teacher and it not only prepares us for the present, but also the future.

Additionally, I’m a massive board game geek. I have a variety of different board games that I like playing with my mates. My favourite board games at the moment are: Catan, Raiders of the North Sea and Scythe. Board games that involves strategy and quick thinking are without a doubt my favourite types of board games. My favourite board games fit within this category and have a lot of replay value.

I always like doing something new everyday and with MacRecycle, I’ve been given that opportunity to face a new challenge on every shift.