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About Us

At Mac Recycle what we do is very simple: we take your old and unwanted Macs for cash and save them from landfill.

Here at Mac Recycle our goal is have a positive impact on the environment and global warming by reducing e-waste and recycling used computers that might have otherwise gone to landfill. We refurbish or use parts from all the Macs that we buy off our customers. This reduces the need for factories to produce more computers which is another positive impact.

We have a friendly team of technicians based in our Harrogate workshop who are there to answer all your enquiries that you may have.

The Team
The Team

With an origin dating back to 2011, Mac Recycle was create out of the need to prevent Apple computers needlessly going to landfill. With built in obsolesce now prevalent in many electronics devices it is now more important  than ever to stop this happening. We first came up with this idea in late 2011, and early in the next year Mac Recycle was born.

Based in Harrogate, we moved from our 300sqft shop to a dedicated space of 1000sqft in late 2013. From here we have grown from strength to strength, and so has the team. Through our advanced recycling techniques Mac Recycle have now created jobs for over ten people. We have big ambitions for the future, we want to further improve our techniques to bring great refinement and success rates to our recycling efforts.

The first part of the easy process is to fill our quote form, which you can find here. You will then be presented with a price based on the grade and specification of your Mac. If you choose to accept this quote you are then able to book a collection from our courier or receive a label to drop the Mac off at your local parcel shop. One we receive the Mac into our workshop you will be notified. The testing and grading confirmation process starts, and you can expect to receive payment in under 24 hours.

The Team


In October 2021, we became award winning when we won the “Best Computer Recycling Service Provider 2021” award in the Northern Enterprise Awards 2021.