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Complaints Procedure

The purpose of this page is to outline the procedures and policies for handling complaints made against our organisation, staff, partners, or service providers. Complaints may be received through the form on this page. Our goal is to provide a clear and straightforward process for submitting a complaint, publicise it, and ensure that all complaints are handled fairly and in a timely manner.

To initiate the complaint process, the person receiving the complaint must document the complaint’s details, take note of the complainant’s name and contact information, and inform the complainant about our complaint process. If appropriate, they may ask the complainant to provide a written account of their complaint.

Our goal is to resolve complaints as soon as possible, and most issues can be resolved by the person responsible for the matter. However, if a complaint cannot be resolved in the first stage, it will be escalated to the manager for further investigation. A definitive response will be provided within ten working days, and the decision taken at this stage will be final.

We continuously monitor and review our complaints handling process to identify areas for improvement and incorporate learnings from complaints into our organisation. This policy does not cover staff complaints. We review complaints annually to identify any trends that may require further action.

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