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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we receive your item, we aim to complete testing and make payment within just 24 hours.

Yes, no problem! We can cater a wide range of volumes from individual laptops to hundreds of iMacs. We frequently partner with charities and businesses to help them recover value from old and retired equipment. Just click ‘bulk sales’ from the menu bar, and somebody will be in touch shortly.

Mac Recycle is one of the UK’s largest purchasers of second hand Apple devices. As a part of our Apple refurbishment business, our technicians are experienced in handling customer items with care. Check out our testimonials!

If your Mac doesn’t match the condition description or there is undiagnosed issues with the hardware, we will let you know as soon as possible. We will update you with a new quote as soon as possible and, if you’re not happy with the revised quote, we will return the item free of charge.

Before recycling any device, we will  first wipe it with industry grade erasure technology. This ensures that no data is recoverable when parts are reused. We therefore recommend you perform a full backup of your data before selling to us.

We use PayPal or BACS bank transfer to make payments.

When you sell your item with Mac Recycle, please remember to include any accessories that come with the device such as chargers, power leads and packaging.

Once we have your Mac we will give it a final valuation based on the condition and functionality of the Mac. If you are not happy with our final valuation then we can send your Mac back to you, free of charge.

If you use one of our postage services, we include a reference number on the label so we know it’s yours straight away. If you send it to us using your own label, please include the details that you submitted inside the package.

Yes, we can send you packaging, but this will reduce your quoted price.

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