Grading Info

What Grade is my Mac?


Grade A means your device has little or no wear and no permanent defects. The device should look almost new, with exception of some light scratches. The screen should be in perfect condition with no marks or blemishes. The device functions perfectly, without any faults.


Grade B: The item should in good condition with a few hairline scratches or wear to the edges and fully functioning in all ways no marks on screen. May have very minor dents that are barely visible. May have very minor blemishes on the LCD. A well looked after item. Good Battery under 500 cycles and no missing parts.


Grade C: A fully functional Mac that has some clear signs of use. This could include some dents, or heavy wear and scratches. There may be some slight screen defects such as a “halo” or pressue marks. This doesn’t include LCDs with physical damage such as being smashed or liquid damaged. A battery that charges and operates under 500 cycle counts


The item has signs of wear including dents, scratches. The item can be dirty and cosmetically poor. Minor screen marks are acceptable as are poor batteries over 500 cycle counts. The Mac may not be fully working.


Other circumstances that will affect your quote

All engraved items are grade D.

If your item is grade A, B or C then it should have a working battery with 500 cycles or less and also have a remaining capacity of at least 80%. If the battery is missing or faulty then the cost of the battery will be deducted from your quote.

Your item must not be smoke stained or yellowed from cigarettes.

If your item doesn’t match the grade you have attributed to it at the quote stage, you will be contacted by one of our team who will offer you an adjusted price based on our quote value. If the adjusted quote isn’t acceptable we will return your unit free of charge

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