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Our History

With an origin dating back to 2011, Mac Recycle was create out of the need to prevent Apple computers needlessly going to landfill. With built in obsolesce now prevalent in many electronics devices it is now more important  than ever to stop this happening. We first came up with this idea in late 2011, and early in the next year Mac Recycle was born.

Our aim was created to enable to the reuse of all aspects of the computers that we receive. We achieve this through careful consideration of part allocation, and key contacts in the circular economy and highly trained technicians.

Our first shop
Our warehouse

Based in Harrogate, we moved from our 300sqft shop to a dedicated space of 1000sqft in late 2013. From here we have grown from strength to strength, and so has the team. Through our advanced recycling techniques Mac Recycle have now created jobs for over ten people. We have big ambitions for the future, we want to further improve our techniques to bring great refinement and success rates to our recycling efforts.

By using Mac Recycle you genuinely are helping the environment. We all need to come together in order to save the environment for future generations to enjoy. Mac Recycle are proud to be at the front of this effort. With less computers going to landfill, less need to be produced saving on co2 emissions.

Our Timeline

October 2011 – After seeing people throwing their old computers into the local tip, we realised that there was demand for a mac recycling service.

June 2012 – We took on a lease for a small space, and launched our website.

December 2012 – We had achieved our goal of saving 100 Mac’s from recycling.

October 2013 – After our growing our space, we moved to a dedicated space four times the size.

March 2014 – We had achieved our goal of saving 100 Mac’s from recycling.

June 2016 – We pioneered advance component level soldering to save even more Mac’s from landfill.

October 2019 – The team reached ten people

January 2020 – We saved our 10,000th Mac from landfill


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The Team

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