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Apple Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is Apple’s consumer desktop option. It is a good option if you already have a screen, keyboard and mouse or would just like a small desktop computer you can hide away. The first Mac Mini Apple released was in 2005 and used a PowerPC G4 processor. Next, in 2006 Apple transitioned to Intel based processors and then released a new model of Mac Mini with the new processors. Then Apple changed to a thinner, more modern design with the Unibody Mac Mini which ran from 2010 to 2017. The Mac Mini was not updated with any speedbumps or upgrades for 4 years from 2014. Then 2018 Apple released a new design of the Mac Mini with a space grey chasis instead of the previous silver. The latest gerneration was released in 2020 Apple released a new Mac Mini with their new in-house M1 chip.

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