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Apple Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is Apple’s top of the line professional option. Mac Pros use the Intel Xeon workstation chips with high core counts and high clock speeds. Affectionatly nicknamed “The Cheese Grater” for its distinctive shape, the first Mac Pro was a tower style case and could hold up to 4 HDDs and had multiple PCI slots. Then in 2013 Apple released a new MacPro with a new small, modern, cylindrical design. This model was affectionatly nicknamed “The Trash Can”. In 2019 Apple released the latest Mac Pro which went back to a tower style design to enable more customisation and looks quite similar to the first Mac Pro.

How should I sell my Mac Pro?

At Mac Recycle we can offer you a quick quote so you can see how much your Mac is worth. If you are happy with your quote, we can send a DPD courier to your house to collect your Mac Pro. We will then test it and give you a final quote and then we can give you a fast bank transfer.

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