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Apple MacBook Pro

The Apple MacBook Pro is Apple’s top of the line laptop. They have the best performace in any of Apple’s laptops. They are used by a range of professionals from photographers, video editors, music producers and software developers. The first MacBook Pro came out in 2006 when Apple transitioned from PowerPC chips to Intel chips. The next generation of the MacBook Pro was the Unibody MacBook Pros released in 2008. Then in 2012 Apple transitioned to the Retina generation of MacBook Pros. They were thinner and lighter, removing the DVD drive but also using new Retina displays. In 2016 Apple released their next generation of MacBook Pros, these new MacBooks came with a slightly changed design with a new colour option of Space Grey or Silver and the addition of the TouchBar. In 2020 Apple released their newest generation of MacBook Pros with their new in-house Apple M1 chips. These new M1 chips are the same as in the new MacBook Air, but they have better cooling capabilities, so the chip can run hotter and faster, leading to increase performance.

Where should I sell my MacBook Pro?

At Mac Recycle of course! We offer good prices as well as professional service, so you can have the best experience trading in your MacBook Pro. To get your quote, click the button below.

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