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Apple MacBook

The MacBook was Apple’s lowest end option of their laptops. Apple released the original MacBook in 2006 with a black option and a white option as a companion to the larger MacBook Pros. They ran Intel processors which were new to Apple at the time. Then in 2008 Apple released the Aluminium Unibody MacBook which was a brand new design at the time. Then in 2010 Apple released the white plastic MAcBook with rubber bottom, which was a step back to the plastic construction of 2006 to 2008. Next, in 2015 , Apple released the 12″ MacBook Retina which used the low power Intel Core M and low power Intel i5 and i7 processors. The Apple 12″ MacBook is the lightest and smallest MacBook that Apple produced. The MacBooks were discontinued by Apple and replaced by the new Retina MacBook Airs in 2018.

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